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Monday, February 15, 2010

Presidents Day Results

Congratulations to everyone who participated.
Here are the results. Page down to read Bob Dolphins Report.

Eric Bell3:28:22
Alex Bennett3:43:10
Cody Hill3:43:50
Bob Satko3:43:50
Andre O'Donnell3:45:44
Courtney Willson3:48:30
Terri Gray3:51:36
Steve Walters3:51:55triple
May Cheng3:56:15
Brian Pendleton3:56:36
Matt Hagen4:02:58
Mike Satko4:04:20
BJ Farish4:08:48
Rusty Willson4:10:13
Jessica Bienvenue4:23:207 am
Valerie Beyer4:26:20
Sarah Lynch4:32:46
Frank Gradyan4:32:46
Susie Ro4:33:18
Cheri Pompeo4:44:247am
Vivian Doorn4:48:42
Brian Starkey4:56:367 am
Linda Walter5:03:39
Marilyn Pyke5:32:25
Rich Menzel5:37:247 am
Marie Zornes5:48:42Triple
Monte Pascual6:23:59Triple
Bob Dolphin6:32:25

Robert Towne4:16:181
Malcolm Clement4:34:062
Holly Goodwin Chittenden4:59:251
Francesca Carmichael5:34:242
Marilou Russell5:54:083
Mel Preedy7:25:25350Kplus!

NumNamefinishMaleFemale..........Half Marathon..........
Steve Yee1:38:15
Michael Minea1:40:47
James Duggan1:43:12
Doug MacLean1:46:14
William Fairgrieve1:51:03
Dave Conger1:51:05
Faye Britt1:53:01
Michael Britt1:53:01
Josh Denison1:54:008am
A Chittenden1:54:00
Ted Coulsen1:57:30
Paul Hoffmann2:01:07
Lindsay Schuessler2:05:35
Pamela Wuest2:06:03
Katie Robinson2:06:15
Deb Evdemon2:06:17
Paul Shuckerow2:06:25
Becky Ransom2:06:59
Kathy Birrell2:07:00
Lisa Reid2:10:06
Diana Reid2:10:06
Adrian Call2:16:37
Paige Denison2:19:158am
Eric Johnson2:19:58First Half
Jennifer Deering2:23:20
Nathan Derrub2:23:20
Susan Worden2:35:42
Tamara Mackey2:35:56
Morrie Bills2:41:53
Zale Carroll2:47:53
Justin Farish2:55:42
Jill Hudson3:10:53
Jeanne Jacobs3:38:307am
Linda Rinker3:40:137am
Pearl Spiger3:40:20
Bob Spiger3:46:07
Tanya Towne3:49:55

Bob Dolphin
February 15, 2010

For several days I waited patiently for the Call of the Wild Presidents Day Marathon that was scheduled for Monday, February 15, 2010. I hadn’t run a marathon since the Mississippi Blues Marathon on January 9, 2010, and I felt under-trained with a steady loss of fitness.

On race morning I awakened at 4:30 a.m. and left our Renton home an hour later. As I drove onto I-405, I was amazed at the amount of traffic on a race morning. Then it dawned on me that there were people who had to work on this holiday, and I was part of Monday morning rush hour traffic.

By 6:00 a.m. I arrived at the parking lot of Bothell Landing Park. I was the first to arrive, but soon Rich Menzel, Mel Preedy, Francesca Carmichael, Cheri Pompeo, Monte Pascual and others arrived Cheri announced that she and Gregg Walchli had married over the weekend. She received congratulations from all of us.

We made our way to the start/finish area and checked in with race director Adrian Call. He described the double-out and back course that the marathoners would follow. We would cross a nearby footbridge over the Sammamish River and turn left to go upstream for a mile before we crossed to the eastside of the river. We would run by Woodinville and Redmond to the 9.15 mile chalk mark and then return to the starting line. Then we would run downstream on the Sammamish River Trail to the Burke Gilman Trail that would take us beyond Kenmore’s Logboom Park by Lake Washington. From the turnaround, we would return to the finish line at Bothell Landing.

Daylight had just arrived at 7:00 a.m. when Adrian began the race for the Early Starters of the marathon and the 50K. It was a good day for running. Initially the temperature was in the mid 40’s with thin fog and no breeze. By mid morning the temperature rose to the mid 50’s, the skies became clear and a light wind appeared when we were near Lake Washington.

There were 28 marathoners, six 50K participants and 36 half marathoners for a total of 70 participants. The majority of them were Marathon Maniacs, so there were many familiar faces to see as they passed in both directions.

I was impressed by the number of Maniacs who were running marathon triples. Congratulations to Marie Zornes who completed her first triple at this race. Others who also ran triples were Monte Pascual and Steve Walters.

Another “maniac” accomplishment for the weekend was 76 year old Mel Preedy’s triple set of events. On Saturday he ran as a member of his Snohomish Track Club’s 70+ team that participated in the 8K National Cross Country Meet in Spokane. He carpooled to this race, so he was able to sleep on the way home to Ravensdale. On Sunday he got up at 4:00 a.m. and drove to Poulsbo to run the 50K Fishline Trail Run there. Monday saw him up at the same time so that he could drive to Bothell to make it “Three Races in Three Days,” He accumulated a total of 108K for the weekend. (In layman’s terms, that about 67 miles.)

In the early hours of the race it was interesting to see Common Goldeneyes, Lesser Scaup and Ring-billed Ducks diving for fish in the river.

My race followed a familiar pattern. I ran most of the early miles, ran/walked the middle miles and walked the second half of the marathon. Walking into the wind near Lake Washington in the last 10K gave me a feeling of hypothermia. When I became aware of this, I put on a Ty-Vek jacket and this eliminated the problem. I appreciated the company of Marilyn Pyke who walked the last mile with me. This helped me make it to the finish line….in a time of 6:32:25 and last of 28. This was four minutes faster than my time for the New Years Day First Call to Run Marathon.

Thanks to Adrian and his wife for providing me with hot soup, hot chocolate and a cold drink as I sat and recovered in the finish area. Thanks, also to them and their volunteers for putting on this race, my fourth of this series in 14 months.

…………………………………..Written by Bob Dolphin
Edited, Typed and Distributed by Lenore Dolphin

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