The First Call Running Club is dedicated to promoting good health through distance running. Our events are low key, designed for those who are fairly self sufficient. There are water/Gatorade stops along the way, where you can refill your bottle (no cups on the course). There is food at the start/finish area provided by the club and by potluck donation. There is no cost run. Donations are appreciated, and these keep our runs going. Donations are used to pay for event costs, ie permits, insurance, food, supplies, improvements for future races etc. Left over funds are donated to charity. We are a chartered group of the RRCA. Annual Dues (donation) of $25 is requested for club membership.

Call of the Wild Runs (marathon/half/50k)

  • Thur Jan 1, 2015
  • Sat May 9, 2015
  • Sat Sept 5, 2015
  • Sat Nov 14, 2015
  • Check out our photos, taken by Takao at

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Saturday, November 14, 2015

First Call Veterans Day Marathon/Half Marfathon/50k Saturday Nov 14, 2015

Results will be published here when available. . . . . . . .