The First Call Running Club is dedicated to promoting good health through distance running. Our events are low key, designed for those who are fairly self sufficient. There are water/Gatorade stops along the way, where you can refill your bottle (no cups on the course). There is food at the start/finish area provided by the club and by potluck donation. There is no cost run. Donations are appreciated, and these keep our runs going. Donations are used to pay for event costs, ie permits, insurance, food, supplies, improvements for future races etc. Left over funds are donated to charity. We are a chartered group of the RRCA. Annual Dues (donation) of $25 is requested for club membership.

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Saturday, September 13, 2014

First Call Veterans Day Marathon/Half Marathon/50K Saturday Nov 8, 2014

Registration for our next event (Sat Nov 8, 2014)is NOW CLOSED.
REGISTRATION WILL CLOSE when cap is reached or on WED Nov 5, 2014(whichever comes first)
(Registration for our next run will open after this run is completed)

An email Will be sent to those who are registered, about one week before the event, with event details (start times, location etc.)

The First Call Marathon/Half Marathon/50k.
This will be a low key run along the Sammamish River between Bothell and Redmond Wa. (Just north of Seattle). This is a fun run, a run with friends, which is not certified but is measured, and will count for maniac and fanatic totals.
The course is a paved trail, along the Sammamish River, shared with bicycles and other runners, etc. It is mostly flat. The half marathon is an out and back, the marathon is a double out and back and the 50k has an additional 2.4 mile out and back. This run is designed for the runner who is fairly self sufficient, with minimal support on the trail.
Runners should run with a water bottle, and there will be self service aid stations along the way where you can refill with water or Gatorade. There are no cups on the course. There will be food at the finish, which is also the half way mark for the marathon. There are public rest rooms along the trail.
There is no cost to register, but club membership is required to register.
Is this a Boston Qualifier? No, not yet, it’s a fun run.
I’m not a member of the First Call Running Club, how do I register?
This run is for club members, so the first thing to do is join the club. We request an annual donation to the club of $25 which you can send through the pay pal link. The same link can be used to renew your membership. If you are registering as a new member please email me the following:

Mailing Address:
Email Address:

Club Members (including newly registered members) register for the event by emailing me the following:
Age on race day:
City, State:
Distance to run:
Special notes:

Email to:

To Join, renew or donate, click on the Donate Button

First Call Fall Marathon/Half Marathon/50k Saturday Sept 13, 2014 RESULTS

Results Saturday Sept 13, 2014

Womens 50K

4:42:22 Tiffany Dial Auburn Wa 43

Mens 50K

5:02:37 Mike Mahanay West Seattle Wa 58

Men's Marathon

3:40:17 Scott Sebelsky Camano Is Wa 53
4:12:27 Mike Smerekanych Bellevue Wa 48
4:17:58 Ronald Frederick Olympia Wa 47
4:27:33 Brandon Byrd Kaysville Ut 31
4:32:41 Tom Scott Stanwood Wa 53
4:56:27 Neal Dial Auburn Wa 45
5:09:04 Gary Cote Kirkland Wa 59
5:21:17 Brent Spilsbury Shoreline Wa 66
5:24:02 Stanley Nakashima Mt Vernon Wa 62
5:28:18 Tim Stensen Seattle Wa 61
5:53:16 Jim Boyd Aberdeen Wa 72
6:02:37 Monte Pascual Federal Way Wa 54
6:55:23 Steven Ferry Deming Wa 45

Women's Marathon

4:06:39 Kimberley Worthen Edmonds Wa 42
4:12:06 Tracy Marshall Richmond BC 50
4:18:27 Donna Beard Mukilteo Wa 50
4:45:56 April Graves Poulsbo Wa 36
5:03:14 Cheri Pompeo Woodinville Wa 62
5:28:08 Wendy Hawthorne Edmonds Wa 28
5:43:10 Jenifer Lyman Everett Wa 43

Men's Half Marathon

1:26:58 Taylor Richman Seattle Wa 34
1:31:25 Wenbin Wang Bothell Wa 40
1:43:18 Roy Seliber Sammamish Wa 54
1:45:45 John Anderson Kenmore Wa 52
1:53:58 Eric Hanson Snohomish Wa 43
1:55:30 Paul Hoffmann Kirkland Wa 52
2:00:00 Brad Hibbard Woodinville Wa 38
2:00:00 Jake Maxwell Seattle Wa 35
2:01:56 Mani Krishnamurthy Bellevue Wa 52
2:07:39 Tyler Pederson Lakewood Wa 26
2:24:33 Andrew Dunn Kirkland Wa 46
2:24:40 Max Welker Tacoma Wa 72
2:25:02 Marty Gordon Mt Vernon Wa 54
2:38:53 Stan Byrd Shoreline Wa 75
3:00:18 Jules Mann Renton Wa 51
4:00:16 Sarav Karunanithi Kenmore Wa 40
4:05:20 Bob Dolphin Renton Wa 84

Women's Half Marathon

1:46:51 Becci Walkling Kenmore Wa 43
2:01:45 Sandra Harvie Seattle Wa 42
2:08:02 Cynthia Ballard Seattle Wa 32
2:09:08 Carolyn Reeves Woodinville Wa 43
2:10:16 Marnia Law Lehi Ut 36
2:13:32 Nouelle Otani Orting Wa 37
2:13:38 Teena Williams Puyallup Wa 42
2:14:05 Kristine Hannigan Bothell Wa 47
2:19:14 Claire Simon Seattle Wa 24
2:25:02 Heather Gordon Mt Vernon Wa 48
2:29:25 Julia Gleed Auburn Wa 28
2:34:25 Christine Zumwalt Seattle Wa 29
2:40:30 Karen Tolle Federal Way Wa 50
3:00:18 Becky Stratton Shoreline Wa 40
3:00:18 Mihaela Mann Renton Wa 42
3:21:24 Diana Robinson Bellingham Wa 47
3:23:25 Casandra Batdorf Tacoma Wa 46