The First Call Running Club is dedicated to promoting good health through distance running. Our events are low key, designed for those who are fairly self sufficient. There are water/Gatorade stops along the way, where you can refill your bottle (no cups on the course). There is food at the start/finish area provided by the club and by potluck donation. There is no cost run. Donations are appreciated, and these keep our runs going. Donations are used to pay for event costs, ie permits, insurance, food, supplies, improvements for future races etc. Left over funds are donated to charity. We are a chartered group of the RRCA. Annual Dues (donation) of $25 is requested for club membership.

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Sunday, November 29, 2009

First Call to Run Marathon/50K/Half Marathon Jan 1, 2010

We have pictures! Thanks to Richard Walters!

50K RESULTS for Jan 1, 2010 First Call 50K

Tony Covarrubias 2:09:364:26:36
Van Phan 2:274:50:1512nd day of triple
Dave Kramer4:50:152
Mike Schlecht2:19:405:09:163
Robert Lopez2:28:155:12:434
Matt Hagen2:22:505:13:435
David Jones2:395:14:506
Francesca Carmichael2:36:205:32:042
David Forbes2:275:35:417
Don Pierce2:405:35:417
Brian Pendleton2:49:455:43:529
Andy Lin2:17:02Half Finish
Jessica Bienvenue2:41:5216 miles

Marathon Results for Jan 1, 2010:

Jonathan Bernard2:10:263:36:111
Eric Gierke2:12:463:42:462
Chris Porter2:14:333:52:523
Paul David2:14:443:59:564
Steve Jensen1:46:304:00:015
May Cheng2:254:04:571
John Anderson2:22:134:17:356
Will Burnside2:29:294:19:287Marathon Maniac qualifier
Mike Kuhlmann2:24:374:28:258
Sarah Lynch2:18:284:30:272
Val Beyer2:20:344:37:383
Betsy Rogers2:47:054:40:324
Paige Denison2:30:364:46:405MM qualifier
Jill Hudson2:50:214:53:566
Mare Pyke2:255:01:307
Jeff Loen2:33:115:03:259
Marie Zornes2:325:11:438
Rob Stretz2:495:47:2310
Laura Johnson2:264:47:289
Kathleen Farrell2:164:47:289
Pat Barnes2:56:304:53:2011
Marilou Russell2:50:354:53:5611
Tracy Brown2:33:115:03:2512
Tory Klementsen2:325:11:4313
Scott Spangler2:32:305:24:1712
Steele Spangler2:32:305:24:171211 years old, 1st marathon
Jim Boyd2:56:305:34:5714
Michelle Barnes2:455:47:2514
Rick Haase2:55:235:47:07152nd day of double
Abi Brownell2:455:47:0715
Margaret Barrett2:455:47:2316
Jessica Williams2:455:47:2317
Jenny Appel2:455:47:2518
Rob Hester2:455:47:2516
Bret Bellevue2:54:095:54:3917
Dawn Bellevue2:54:095:54:3919
Matthew Fleming2:546:01:0718
Bob Dolphin3:04:066:36:3719

Half Marathon results for 1/1/2010:

Stephen Brown1:32:191
Mike Wittrock1:32:192
Eric Bell1:32:433
Greg Walchli1:32:464
Andre O'Donnell1:39:205
Alex Bennett1:40:466
Steve Yee1:41:007
James Duggan1:43:308
Mike Minea1:43:459
Dan Kieling1:44:4610
Bruce Clement1:45:4411
Rachel Williams1:46:301
Steve Sankey1:48:0112
Jamie Johnson1:48:012
Lesa Overfield1:51:183
Michael Britt1:54:4513
Faye Britt1:54:454
Jennifer Rozler1:56:355
Ray Shaw1:56:5514
Jennifer Hua1:57:076
Wil Balla1:58:0015
Marian Brennan1:59:267
Becci Walkling2:00:188
Paul Hoffmann2:01:1616
Jeremy Keddie2:03:1617
Aaron Bartel2:04:2118
Becky Ransom2:06:009
Judd Williams2:10:5319
Adrian Call2:10:5319
Eleasha Clement2:13:1810
Julia Clement2:13:1810
Geoff Stevens2:17:4021
Linda Walter2:18:3512
Cole Brooking2:19:1022
Laura Faist2:20:4813
Kathy Birrell2:21:1414
Jane Buck2:24:1315
Tamara Mackey2:24:1315
Ashley Kuhlmann2:24:3717
Kyla Trujillo2:24:5518
Lisa Reid2:25:0619
Michele Vallor2:25:0619
Diana Reid2:25:0619
Emily Brucker2:27:3622
Megan Reuther2:27:3622
Robin Loen2:33:1124
Gary Walker2:39:2823
Susan Worden2:42:4625
Kelsey Swift2:46:2926
Morrie Bills2:46:4327
Monte Pascual2:55:2324
Zale Carroll2:58:3728
Kathy Pouncy3:07:0229
Justin Farish3:14:0225
BJ Farish3:14:0225
Julie Bihn3:16:0530
Linda Rinker3:36:2031
Linda Barton3:39:2032Walking only(Drs Orders!)
Pearl Spiger3:45:4033
Jeff Eaton3:49:0026
Peggy Eaton3:52:5434
Rick Wade2:4421 Miles
David Cole2:19:4016 miles

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